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Big Thursday Thank You to Superfeet Insoles

A thank you note to Superfeet from shoe blogger podiatrist, Dr. Colleen Schwartz.

Over the counterSuperfeet insole or custom orthotic
Replace shoe insole with a Superfeet insole or custom orthotic

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Dear Superfeet,

Although Thanksgiving was last week, I’m sending out a few thank you notes before the holidays. Thank you, Superfeet, for creating over the counter arch support insoles that have served many of my patients, family, and friends over the years. Prior to the launch of Superfeet, I remember participating in a focus group on over the counter orthotics from a podiatrist’s perspective. I’ve an unofficial hunch that the company may have been Superfeet. Was it you? Since that time, and the very successful growth of the Superfeet product line, I hold your company and podiatrist developed products dear. Also, with giving Tuesday fresh in mind, thank you for your 1% donation of annual sales and 1,000 plus volunteer hours providing for basic needs in your community, serving environmental and outdoor causes, and supporting education.

Insoles transform the shoe fit

First of all, I’m a firm believer that placing the proper Superfeet into your shoe can transform the fit from mediocre to very good. Because of this, I look forward to reviewing, wear testing, and recommending your products. Superfeet insoles help feet function more comfortably. Secondly, other over the counter orthotic insoles do work, but I seem to always come back to Superfeet. Again, thank you for making great products that make a huge healthy difference.


Colleen Schwartz, DPM

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