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Difficult Feet Need Shoes Too! Big Thanks to Nordstrom Shoes

from shoe blogger podiatrist, Dr. Colleen Schwartz

Dear Nordstrom Shoes,

Part of my gratitude practice from Thanksgiving to Christmas is thanking companies who exceed customer expectations and truly care. Nordstrom Shoes has been a dependable source ready and able to fit difficult feet.

Speaking from a size 11 shoe perspective, many shoe stores and shoe companies do not provide options above size 10. Nordstrom, with its organic roots as a shoe store, serves extended sizes and widths. This is a huge deal, and a solid reason to appreciate the Nordstrom shoe department. Carrying stock in difficult to find sizes can be risky and not always financially possible for smaller stores. Inventory needs to move.

Extra wide, double extra wide, and extra narrow feet unite! Join this shoe blogger podiatrist thank you and shout out to Nordstrom shoes, and check out the affiliate links here to cover our super sized soles!

What are your thoughts?

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