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Prevent Heel Pain with Merrell Indoor Shoes / Vionic Slippers

Here are my 2019 podiatrist picks for slippers / indoor shoes great for your feet: Vionic Slippers & Merrell Slip- ons. I am currently wearing & loving the Vionic Gemma slipper. It made Oprah’s favorite things list this year, and I gifted a pair to my mom for Christmas.  

Another tried & true choice is the Merrell slide. My personal pick for cold months is the Merrell Encore Q2 Ice slide, but you’ll want to stick with the non-ice version in the warmer months or if your feet are quick to overheat! The Merrell slides have removable insoles that can be easily replaced with your custom orthotic.

Podiatrist Tip: If you want to avoid or heal up foot problems, stay well supported indoors. Sure, barefoot walking can increase muscle strength in theory, but most of us expect too much of our feet! 


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