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My vision

Shoes should always be comfortable! I am your personal podiatrist shopping affiliate resource & telemedicine consultant. 

Who is Dr. Colleen Schwartz?

I’m shoe blogger podiatrist, Dr. Colleen Schwartz, focused on expert sourcing & identifying fabulous yet comfortable shoes. I invite you to schedule a telemedicine appointment to discuss your foot and shoe needs.

Veteran’s Hospital/ Stanford podiatric surgery trained, I practiced surgery & wound care until a career altering injury. In nonprofit roles, I served as Executive Director of the American Association for Women Podiatrists, spokesperson for the American Podiatric Medical Association & chair of the California Podiatric Medical Association Public Information & Education Committee (2010 volunteer of the year). Focusing on health & wellness, I developed an infection prevention pedicure kit and was a national beauty & fitness industry speaker on nail salon safety & Pilates for rehabilitation. 

 Before arriving in Iowa, I incorporated acupuncture with Pilates rehabilitation in a busy multi physician practice in California while serving as a medical advisor & shoe consultant after completing the year long acupuncture for physician continuing education program at Harvard Medical School. 

On a very personal level, since coming to Iowa, I was diagnosed & surgically treated for a brain tumor. Currently I am on chemotherapy to go after another tumor…this time a large, locally aggressive, rare, & intermediate grade desmoid sarcoma.  I know what’s most valuable in life: faith, family & friends…but great shoes and pain-free feet are important too. My passion is problem solving to find solutions for foot problems and the perfect pair of shoes for you. Welcome to your personal shoe source drcolleenschwartz.com


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