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San Francisco Sustainable Shoes: AllBirds & Rothys

Shoes with soles of sugar & washable wool fabric are adored by us ecoconscious consumers. The love is real for companies cleaning up manufacturing practices & making comfortable shoes. Podiatrically I love the naturally antimicrobial wool material of All Birds, recycled water bottle material of Rothys & the ability to machine wash both shoes. So clean! My friends are all great fans of both the All Birds & Rothy brands, but I can’t fully accept them as a podiatrist yet. Why? A golden rule is never buy a shoe you can wring out like an old rag. Feet need some stability as well as flexibility. Shoes that sometimes are too cushy actually can increase the shock through our bones. The shoes are more like slippers or clouds for your feet. I’m tempted to try a pair with an over the counter insert to see if I can modify the shoe closer to perfection.

Founders of All Birds in San Francisco: Tim Brown & Joey Zwillenger

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