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Slippers and Socks for Easy Gifting Top 5

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Nothing says “I love you” more than arch support slippers. Well maybe that’s because I am a podiatrist, but really you can change anyone’s life for the better by slipping a pair of slippers under the tree. The thousands of 4 and 5 star reviews say a lot too!

1. Vionic slippers have built in orthotics.

2. The Vionic Gemma is a go-to, but I like the Sadie sale!

3. Orthofeet slippers are a heel pain solution.

4. Haflingers are quality German classics.

I have yet to own Haflingers, but have taken a pair for a test drive at my local Brown’s Shoes https://stores.brownsshoefitcompany.com/ames. Please support your local independent shoe store if it’s safe and they carry your size. Otherwise, shop with me!

5. Snoozies ask, “slippers or socks?”

My Snoozies are my latest love. Gifted to me by a dear friend who’s beloved mother swore by their comfort and nonskid sole, I frankly trust all recommendations from said friend and her mom who has practicality, quality and comfort at the center of buying decisions.

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Socks in your stockings? Yes, please! I own and am pleased with these cozy choices. Who doesn’t love a fresh pair of fuzzy socks or made in the USA mismatched solmates?

With more time in the house due to the Covid-19 pandemic, stepping up your slipper and sock game is the healthy move for your sole. Contact me for a Telehealth foot consultation if you want one on one slipper and shoe advice. Check out :https://drcolleenschwartz.com/next-level-luxury-or-smartest-way-to-treat-feet/ if you haven’t yet, then email me at colleen@drcolleenschwartz.com

Please know the links you use to shop support the site by sometimes providing an affiliate payment directly from the retailer. Thank you so much for your support, and I am dedicated to sourcing the best priced, highest quality, and most comfortable shoes for you.

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