Dad Shoes For Christmas

Step out the new year in “Dad shoes”

Here’s what’s happening for shoes in my partner’s closet to start 2021. What’s going on in the shoe closet near you? It’s time for a look?

Nike Air Max 97

After a year of comfortable wear at my house and thousands of 5 star reviews for comfort and style, this is my current favorite “dad” shoe. The full length air system provides sole support without over compression and early break down. Designed with the Japanese bullet train in mind, the look is streamlined yet athletic. Upper materials, stitching, outsole and midsole have all worn well. In the eyes of our teen/ twenty something kids, these are very cool shoes. For sizing a wide foot, try a half size up. This shoe is used for casual walking and fitness. A custom or over the counter insert can be worn if sized properly.

Adidas Yeezy Boost 380

Focusing on sneakers, understanding sneaker drop schedules and culture is fascinating. Limited edition sneakers are released often selling out in minutes only to be found on resale sites at a significant profit. Every few months, I set my eye on a drop, and this is what I came up with for a Christmas gift this year securing these fresh kicks in October. Turns out the glow in the dark uber cushioned Yeezy Boost 380 Glow by Adidas outsole was not on my beloved’s wish list. The slipper comfort is huge, but the price tag is also. Although, a glow in the dark outsole is perfect for late night walking safety, these don’t quite fit his low key look.

FitVille Rebound Core

Instead of the always in fashion New Balance all white “dad” shoe that accommodates most foot types, I am now in the know of another great shoe company that makes pain-free walking for wide feet its priority. Fitville Rebound Core has classic walking shoe styling but its sturdy construction and quality materials are stand out. High arches, wide feet, hammertoes, heel pain and bunions are welcome in both the wide/2E and extra wide/4E. Looking for dad shoes of substance? Look no further than Fitville! As a podiatrist shoe blogger, I have a big place in my heart for companies dedicated to comfortable shoes, and I’m thrilled to get the word out so more people can be out on their feet joyfully in 2021. Thanks also to Fitville for supporting the wear test for this article.

While the Yeezy Boost 380 and the Fitville Rebound Core have an internal style versus substance or form versus function conversation, my husband will stick with the Nike Air Max 97 for his “go to” active shoe stepping into 2021. I am dedicated to him and you having pain-free feet in fabulous shoes. Check out for more information on the shoe.

What are your thoughts?

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