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How to be a Sustainable Shoe Trendsetter.

Wear shoes made in the USA to decrease your carbon footprint.

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1. Choose BENDYs by Ashbury Skies

Being planet-friendly never looked so good–or felt so good. Handmade shoes in sunny CA.

My work-from-home affiliate shoe pick this month is the trendsetting and made in USA, BENDY. The BENDY shoe has a beautiful simplicity of a 5 component design which sets the trend for sustainability. I love how this elegant sneaker flat is made in California of transparent ethically sourced materials. BENDY is a woman owned shoe business that states,

“We think how things are made should matter as much as making money. We can ensure that fair wages, safe working conditions and no child labor is used in making our shoe.”

The colors are sophisticated yet vibrant. A few moments are needed to don the shoe with the leather back tab, but once the foot is in the shoe, there’s a glove like fit.

As a podiatrist, I believe the high quality multi-laminar Ortholite insole makes this slip-on flat one of the most cushioned shoes in my closet. The insole is shape retaining, antimicrobial, moisture wicking and can be removed. The shock absorbing outsole and insole together put athletic shoe comfort into the sophisticated BENDY flat.

Wear shoes made from eco-responsible materials.

BENDY Shoes describe the leather as soft, pliable & responsible:

“Our Italian tannery is a leading player in ethical, responsible tanning. They are a leader in minimizing the impact of tanning on the environment and on workers. They have set the gold standard and are sharing this information with others.”

Discover Ethically Made Fashion

For podiatrists, the word “bendy” describing a shoe is typically not a winning combination for biomechanics or foot health. In fact, this is not the case with the BENDY shoe. While it is indeed true that good shoes should not be overly bendable particularly in the transverse mid foot or longitudinal axis, you can test your shoe by making sure it can’t be wrung out like a sponge.

A proper bend in the forefoot near the ball of the foot is ideal. Despite the name, the BENDY shoe does not have an overly flexible sole making it a very comfortable shoe good for your feet. So comparing to my APMA Seal approved shoes, the BENDY shoe bends in just the right places.

2. Support Nike, Inc.’s Move to Zero Initiative

This Jordan sneaker is named for Crater Foam which is a blend of Nike foams with ~ 12% Nike Grind rubber from manufacturing waste. Uppers are made from a canvas-like material with reinforcements and webbings built from 80 to100 percent mechanically-recycled polyester and 100 percent recycled nylon, respectively. Not quite zero waste, but it’s a start!

Not since scoring Hamilton and One Direction tickets, have I felt such excitement of winning the right to cop the newest Jordan brand sneaker on the SNKRS app. The latest drop brings us close and personal to a limited sustainable sneaker highlighting Nike, Inc.’s Move to Zero campaign. Last year Nike announced cutting out waste while rethinking the entire process of design, manufacturing and use. The new Jordan Air Zoom Crater is “wearable trash” made from recycled material specifically leftover manufacturing waste.

The asymmetric lacing system does well stabilizing the lateral aspects of the foot, but the medial or inside sneaker not as controlled.

Replace your Nike, Inc. shoes with wearable trash.

The Move to Zero campaign is a big win for our fast fashion environment. Noteworthy is the extreme access difficulty in buying the sustainable Js. The sneaker is not coveted because it’s particularly well made or more comfortable than other sneakers. The Jordan Nike Zoom Craters were made available online aka “dropped” and sold out in seconds because of the Jumpman Jordan logo. Besides the fun trash themed aesthetics, I appreciate the roomy toe box as well as the accommodative fabric upper. A beefy over the counter or custom orthotic insole is needed to provide adequate foot support in lieu of the provided very thin factory shoe insert.

Wearing sustainable shoes is truly trendsetting and wise. So why not wear shoes healthier for you, your neighbors and the planet? Check out BENDY by Ashbury Skies on the affiliate links and Nike’s Move to Zero initiative to close out this month wearing sustainable shoes in September.

Thank you Linda Cather Johnson Photography @lcatherjohnson and BENDYs for sponsoring this blog post.

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