Best Gifts For Feet This Holiday Season
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The Best Gifts for Your Feet this Holiday: Part 1

Allbirds, SuperFeet and Taos

Here are a few very special shoes and best gifts for your feet that are sure to bring joy this holiday season. Who couldn’t use wool shoes that feel like a cozy hug or, better yet, like walking on clouds? How about shoes that can be tossed in the washing machine for an easy clean? The biggest question is, who could use more support as we finish off 2020?

Slip On Shoes:

Best Gift is a Wool Slip On by Taos

The Wonderwool by Taos

$135, Unisex, Charcoal, Made in Spain

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Wonderwool by Taos makes best gift list for happy holiday feet
Wonderwool by Taos

Woolly Boolly, Woolery, Woolderness 2 & Wool Do, all slip on wool shoes, by Taos are loved by thousands of customers. As a podiatrist, I am a fan of the hugely supportive removable insole and extremely well made internal arch. In fact, I am impressed by the general quality of materials and shoe construction. If your loved ones are still walking around the house barefoot, please get them a pair so their feet can be warm and healthy. While I like the idea of the Wonderwool enclosed and cupped heel in a slip on shoe, I suggest the clog style Woolderness 2 or Wool Do if slipping in and out of your shoes quickly is key. So if finding a well made slip on shoe with a beefy arch support tops your gift list, your answer is Taos.

Taos Footwear

Stocking Stuffers:

photo credits: Sarah Holcomb

Best Gift is Superfeet

The right arch support insole can in fact turn a mediocre shoe into an excellent shoe.

Superfeet Green Orthotics are for the high arch, blue for low arch, and 3/4 length trim to fit in most shoes. A good over the counter insole or custom orthotic from your podiatrist are must haves. So check out the fit finder on the Superfeet site to find your 2020 stocking stuffers.

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Super Soft Sneakers:

Allbirds Runner Up Mizzle

Best Gift is Allbirds Mizzle Runner Up

$135, Unisex, Natural Grey, Made in Korea with NZ Merino Wool

Shop the Wool Dasher Mizzle Women Shop the Wool Dasher Mizzle Men

Allbirds are all good for gifting. Yes! They are beyond comfortable and have been described as hugs for the feet, sweatpants for the feet and like walking on clouds. Yes, they are on trend and sustainably made. In fact, some of my favorite foot focused friends have gifted their entire family Allbirds shoes with only rave reviews.

... hugs for the feet, sweatpants for the feet and like walking on clouds.

various reviews

On my first introduction to Allbirds a few years back, I slipped on a pair with the very critical foot of a podiatrist. Instead of being won over, I left wondering why a simple shoe so cushioned but not over the top supportive could gain such a devoted following. that time only positive reviews keep coming my way so I decided to take a closer look at Allbirds and was sent the all weather Mizzle Runner Up.

This time around, I like the Mizzle integral arch support. Still I will add an insole to improve all day and heavy walking wearability. The softness of the New Zealand wool is impressive. In fact, I can't get over how comfortable my toes and overall feet feel. Also, The slight rocker to the forefoot is a biomechanics advantage. In other words, I love the ride and gait stride wearing the Mizzle. I also appreciate Allbirds classic styling and authenticity.

Are wool shoes good?

People ask, "What's the deal with wool shoes?" Well, foot experts agree, they are breathable, moisture wicking, naturally anti-microbial, sustainable, and washable. Wool shoes get my support as a podiatrist because they promote a healthy foot environment as well as an overall positive environmental impact. So add wool slip on shoes by Taos or lace ups by Allbirds as best gifts on your list this holiday season.

What are your thoughts?

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