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The Best Sandals for your next European Vacation

Summer Shoes Podiatrists Will Choose: Part 2

When heading off on a summer European vacation, as a podiatrist, I suggest bringing 3 pair of supportive shoes. My picks are a sandal, trainer & slip-on casual. Meet Diana for Part 2 of “Summer Shoes Podiatrists Will Choose”. She is being treated for foot pain & requires a highly supportive shoe. Aesthetically she prefers wearing heels & non bulky shoes. After trying on at least ten pair of sandals, we decided on the Taos Universe back strap wedge heel sandal. Because it looks beautifully versatile, fits perfectly on Diana’s feet & provides the most arch support, the Taos Women’s Universe has my vote.

What shoes should you bring on your European summer vacation? Your problem is solved. Here is this week’s sandal solution for hundreds of miles of pain free walking.

Completely adjustable straps & feminine look: Taos Universe Sandal

sandal thoughts after 100 miles……

Making memories with my family is not simply a saying in my case, but an act. This summer, I was able to enjoy the company of my husband and two kids for several weeks in a row while traveling across Europe. We visited seven different countries, and throughout this adventure, were able to track the distance we walked (which ended up being 105.7 miles!).

Most of the miles we walked were on my new pair of shoes. The shoes provided great support for my feet, which was incredibly helpful since our itinerary was often packed with long travel distances. Occasionally, typically on days in which we covered more than 8 miles, I would need extra support with two pieces of KT tape.

I was able to wear my sandals with many different outfits: shorts, skirts, and dresses. The only downside that I encountered was through the discovery that sandals get stained if worn with wet feet. After an afternoon on Barceloneta beach, I noticed that my feet had a brownish stain that was produced from the footbed of the sandals.  Therefore, lesson learned, do not wear these sandals with wet feet. Thank you to Dr. Colleen Schwartz  for her advice.


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