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Top 3 Great Reasons This Podiatrist Thanks Allbirds Shoes

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A thank you note to Allbirds from shoe blogger podiatrist, Dr. Colleen Schwartz.

Starting today, Thanksgiving, until we close out 2020, let’s give thanks to shoe companies that truly go the extra mile to make our lives better.

First up is Allbirds.

Dear Allbirds,

Thank you for making shoes that “tread lighter” on the planet. Allbirds, you seem to share my personal #chopra daily intention of lightness of being while taking on issues of sustainability and comfort very seriously.

Self care and care of our planet is important. While we know the ”fast” fashion industry has a dirty side with massive waste and difficult working conditions, it’s shocking that the footwear industry accounts for up to 32 percent of the fashion industry’s total pollution. (2018 Qantis International Report). You disrupted the footwear industry just a few years ago with your classic “slow” fashion designs, renewable wool and tree fiber material uppers and sugar cane soles. 

Allbirds, you aren’t just being thanked by me, but by millions of consumer purchases. The majority of Gen Z shoppers want to support eco and social conscious brands. Millenials and Gen X are also on board, and that says a lot about a positive future for our planet. Allbirds are a Silicon Valley classic now and a celebrity favorite even amassing financial investors like Leonardo DiCaprio and Andre Iguodala. 

Gender Neutral Styling

I have several friends who every member of the family sport Allbirds on the daily. On that note, thank you, Allbirds, for the inclusivity of gender neutral styling. Your shoes promote the feeling of gender equality and gender free design. The design is socially conscious and kind. I love that the shoes look and feel just as good on my partner as they do on me. Add the classic style inclusivity to my other gender fluid brand favorites of Converse Chuck Taylors, Dr. Martens, Birkenstock, and Timberland boots. The only way to make all of these iconic gender neutral shoes better is by the addition of an over the counter insole, I am a podiatrist shoe blogger above all, and supported feet are healthier feet. 

One last thank you goes to you, Allbirds, for the softness of the New Zealand merino wool uppers. Unlike other wool shoes I do indeed love, Allbirds wool seems more felted, breathable, temperature adaptable and softer. For foot pain sufferers especially with nerve pain or neuropathy, the seamless fabric gives the feet a protective cushioned layer.

With your goal to do better things in a better way, you deliver.

Your clothing line is now launched and yes, I am a fan of the concept, designs and sourcing. The cardigan is already on my Christmas list. As this Thanksgiving podiatry thank you note comes to a close, my purchases stepping into 2021 will be more and more eco- conscious. I hope you enjoy this shout out and hope those who aren’t in the know can check you out.


Colleen Schwartz, DPM

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