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Wimbledon 2019 Grass Court Shoe Podiatrist Picks

Who will be this year’s Wimbledon champion? Yesterday Simona Halep beat Serena Williams unbelievably fast. This morning Federer & Djokovic are center court. In addition to watching the men’s finals, shoes are on the mind. Today at Wimbledon is all about the grass court. Hands down, center court is the world’s most beautiful tennis court.

What does the surface mean for shoe choice? During breakfast at Wimbledon, thoughts go back a few weeks to the French Open and a shoe conversation with tennis pro Armando Espinosa. What tennis shoes should we wear based on different court surfaces? Based on talking with Armando, on-line research & podiatric background, here’s what I have:

How Do I Choose Grass Court Tennis Shoes?
  1. Shoes need a good grip because grass courts can be slippery.
    Yesterday in the Women’s finals we saw this first hand when Halep tripped up on a return. The herringbone pattern is a classic favorite.
  2. Durability isn’t a huge factor, but a flat outsole is.
    With grass being soft, the outsole does not see a lot of wear therefore durability is not a big factor. A flatter outsole is a must to decrease damage to the court surface. Wimbledon shoes have completely flat outsoles.
  3. Look for midsole cushioning and upper flexibility.
    A significant cushioned midsole and both flexible upper is key for stability and safety for quick runs to the net and sudden turns common in base to net/ serve to volley play.

Here are my podiatrist picks for grass tennis courts:

Asics Gel Resolution 7 (Djokoivc)

Nike Air Zoom Vapor X (Federer) (Halep)

A tennis player’s dream! Grass courts as far as the eye can see!

What are your thoughts?

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