Winter/ Spring Boot Fashion: Duck Loving Sperry

Here are the boots my friends & I chose this past winter to keep our feet warm & supported. As a podiatrist my standards in foot comfort are high…very high. Even in April, snow boots are still a thing!

Ugg duck boots look & feel great. Both cute & rugged, the only thing missing is adequate arch support. Over the counter arch supports or custom orthotics are a must to turn a less than satisfactory foundation to an amazing ride.

This is true also in my pick for maximum coverage in heavy snow: Land’s End Squall Boot. Another duck like option in need of more support. I do love the Squall side zippers along with front lacing system. I adore these tall boots in deep snow to keep feet warm & dry. Both Buster & I are duck fans for sure.

Despite the heavy snows, my boot preference this winter & spring is surprisingly the lighter weight & less warm Sperry Syren Gulf. It’s another great find at Nordstrom Rack & more of a warm rain boot. I much prefer the fit, weight and height of these in comparison to the tall Squall.

Origin of the Duck Boot

Invented by LLBean’s Leon Bean in 1911, the Bean boot, a combination of rain boot & leather boot became known as the “duck boot” because of its hunting use origin. My very favorite garden & outside work shoe is the Bean Duck Shoe aka Maine Hunting Shoe. It’s truly supportive & looks perfect despite being 30 years old.

Add additional arch support by using an over the counter Superfeet arch support.

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What are your thoughts?

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